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Union-led, Student-centered: Driving solutions for our nation’s public school students

Watch "The Changing Role of Teachers Unions" featuring former NEA president Dennis Van Roekel

The National Education Association is investing $60 million over the next ten years to improve student success and strengthen the education profession. These Great Public School Grants (GPS Grants) are one of several recently launched NEA initiatives to prepare the next generation of teacher leaders who will drive solutions for our nation’s public school students.

“With more than 3 million members working in schools and communities across the nation, NEA is a leading voice for student success and great public schools,” said former NEA President Dennis Van Roekel.

“It is time for us to accelerate the transformation of public education. Nobody knows better than educators what their students need to succeed in the classroom. Through the new GPS Fund we are providing the resources to put these plans in action and help ensure opportunity, equity, and success for every public school student in America.”

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A New Vision

NEA’s Accountability Task Force Report

What would an education system look like in which all students, educators, and public schools are successful and everyone knows it? The 2014 NEA Representative Assembly established the NEA Task Force on Accountability to "develop plans for a full system of public school accountability and support."

Read the full report and Task Force Recommendations.


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