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Aspiring Educator CREATE Grants

CREATE Projects Linked to AE Core Values

“Through our core values we promote educator quality, community engagement, political action, and social justice. Aspiring Educators become activists at all levels of the organization -- local, state, and national. NEA Aspiring Educators program provides opportunities to engage with community partnerships and

When are they available?  How do we submit?

There are TWO grant application dates in the coming academic year – October 15, 2019 and February 1, 2020. 

What are the topics for grants in 2019-2020?

Eligible categories for grants (up to $2000 each) are aligned with core values of the Aspiring Educator program:

  • EDUCATOR QUALITY – Projects involving preparation for professional practice, strengthening educator preparation programs, and/or support for career preparation and advancement
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – Projects involving partnerships with P-12 schools, local organizations, and other community-based involvement
  • POLITICAL ACTION – Projects involving advocacy for policies, legislation, and political issues with an impact on education
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE – Projects involving social justice issues activism and/or that contribute to the development of aspiring educator knowledge, skills, and dispositions

ALL GRANTS will be built on YOUR specific objectives/desired outcomes.  In addition, EVERY GRANT must address two targets (one or more elements of both):

  • Strengthen the AE Program:  Promote the AE Program, increase AE membership, increase early educators’ involvement in the Association, support aspiring education leadership development, advance AE Program core values
  • Improve partnerships and educator preparation:  Enhance collaboration, build stronger connections with NEA locals, strengthen connections between AE chapters and Educator Preparation Providers, increase outreach to communities, and/or benefit students, schools, and/or their communities

Tips for success

  • Detailed responses are required for all questions.  A good idea is to create complete answers using WORD, then paste the responses into the online form (don’t assume that a small answer space on the web form means a short answer will be complete.)
  • Desired outcomes must be aligned with required targets.  Make sure to highlight how your grant will be of particular value to YOUR setting, advances the AE program, grows and supports membership, and improves the quality of educator preparation for our members.
  • Contact NEA staff with questions and to get feedback.  Count on us as a resource for your tremendous work.

What happens after submission and after the grant is complete?

  • Final decisions to each applicant will be announced no later than 45 days following the submission deadline.
  • As in in the past, CREATE grantees, will be provided with a feedback form to describe what happened, successes, learnings, etc.  This is a crucial part of the grant process

For additional information about the grants, please contact Blake West (

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